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Moving you, your life, your enterprises



More People than ever are facing health issues,
financial burdens,
career crises,
life purpose confusion,
in short, the movies of their lives have been tear-jerkers.

 Ready to stand up and claim a better life?

Do you know How?

 Enter: Judith Parker Harris

Learn from a recognized leader in Life Developements.
She is an expert in turning lives around – one action at a time—producing BlockBuster results for clients.

She managed to escape a bad childhood sitting in front of the TV to:

  • Producing over 3,000 TV commercials, TV shows and now feature films.
  • She skyrocketed from receptionist to Vice President of a Public Relations firm in 3 months.
  • She created an advertising agency with $800 in the bank and was billing $800,000 in client fees one year later.
  • She emerged from a diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and a probable life in a wheelchair to living symptom free for 20+ years while authoring 3 books, launching a new business and serving as a community leader and devoted wife.

These are just some of the major transitions in her life. We all have them. The question is how we navigate through them successfully? By Scripting her life to change, and she’ll teach you how. Follow the prompts below to find your answers on this website.

You’re in the right place if:

You are bursting with a project that you can’t wait to launch yet you’re blocked from the start – a book, a movie, a new business, a new you. (Coaching/Mentoring)

You are a person of any age recently diagnosed with an AutoImmune Disease (AD) or other illness. (Health Esteem)

You are a woman stuck in the middle of caring for children, parents, husband, business and you are falling apart. (Coaching and Mentoring)

You are a young adult with a degree and no idea of how to start planning or living your life. (Coaching and Mentoring)

You are a young woman in business still wondering how to succeed in a man’s world. (Coaching and Mentoring)

You have a business with an attitude problem – internally or externally. (Speeches & Workshops)

Judith will teach you strategies, goal-setting techniques and timeline planning and will give you tools to achieve your objectives and conquer the villains holding you back from success. (Villain Buster).

After all, life is like a movie, and it’s time to become a hero in your own life by taking charge and turning your script into a real BlockBuster!

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  4. Organize a workshop for your group.
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  6. Book Judith for your next Corporate event.
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